Safer, more efficient food.

ParityFactory is designed for food processors and built for your factory. Our platform is your path to real-time inventory, comprehensive tracing and paperless processing.

Our first passion is food safety, our second is seeing our customers grow.

Designed for food processors, built for your factory.

ParityFactory’s culture of food safety has deep roots…roots that we share with our customers. For more than 30 years, we have been working with our food and beverage manufacturers to help them create a safer product, more efficiently.

A history of performance and integrity
Our customers and team members follow the same guiding principles, they are energized by growth, motivated by making an impact, and maintain a strong belief that hard work will make the future better than today. We all share an overriding belief that our clients deserve the very best. It’s our privilege to be an integral part of that wonderful ecosystem.

Food Safety and Quality

Know what's happening on your factory floor in real time.

Live Inventory Integrated with your ERP

Accurate inventory integrated with your ERP.

Traceability Software & Production Management

Instant lot tracing and reduced effort and errors.

Want to see it in action?

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Customer Success

Proud to be ParityFactory's Client

“Parity is a first class organization with an excellent product, great service and support, and outstanding follow up. We’re proud to be Parity’s client and look forward to our ongoing partnership.”