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5 Reasons to Automate Grower Payments


Paying your growers can be complex work. Prices fluctuate across growing seasons, the market changes, and keeping accurate records is tough. Enter ParityFactory Grower Payments.

Grower Payments eliminates error-prone manual record keeping, builds trust with growers, and saves you money.

5 reasons to try PF Grower Payments:

  1. Efficiency and accuracy: Automating grower payments with ParityFactory streamlines the process, reducing errors and getting payments into the pockets of growers more quickly. By eliminating the need for manual data entry, PF Grower Payments takes the possibility of human error off the table.
  2. Transparency: PF Grower Payments makes it possible to instantly see what is owed to each grower – across seasons and price fluctuations. With ParityFactory, growers receive real-time updates on their payments, building their trust and making you a preferred processor to work with.
  3. Cost savings: PF Grower Payments leads to cost savings for you, reducing the time and labor costs associated with manual payment processing. The instantly accurate calculations also reduce the errors that sometimes lead to overpayment, leading to meaningful savings over time. 
  4. Compliance: Do regulatory requirements give you a headache? PF Grower Payments makes sure you’re in compliance and that your growers are paid in accordance with contractual agreements.
  5. Improved relationships: Our instant, integrated Grower Payments tool increases transparency and builds trust with your growers – helping you attract more. When your growers are the first in the region to know their payments, they feel confident working with you again and again. 

PF Grower Payments can be used with our core WMS & Production Management tools, or it can be used stand-alone. Our toolset is priced by the number of annual tests, so whether you’re a packer, a small processor, or running a multi-facility operation, PF Grower Payments has a tier that can get you out of Excel or legacy reports and into instant, accurate payment information.

Find out more about ParityFactory Grower Payments and schedule your free demo.


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