Food Safety is our Passion

Our Clients, Team Members and Partners share a passion

Our customers and team members follow the same guiding principles: energized by growth, motivated by making an impact, and a strong belief in the hard work it takes to make the future better than today. We all share an overriding belief that our clients deserve the very best, and it’s our privilege to be an integral part of this industry.

Our culture of food safety has deep roots…roots that we share with our customers. For more than 30 years, we have been working with our food and beverage manufacturers to help them create a safer product, more efficiently.

How do we know when we’ve been effective? When we see our clients’ businesses grow–and we’re thrilled to say that they do.

A History of Performance and Integrity

We’re now well past our 30th anniversary and are proud of the depth of food safety knowledge our company and team represent. Our founders worked in food manufacturing for many years and saw first-hand the challenges of recalls, manual traceability, paper inventory control, plant inefficiency and other issues unique to food manufacturers.  

After an initial start in the Alaskan seafood industry, ParityFactory has expanded across the food industry with clients in produce, meat, dairy, nuts, eggs, juice and beverage, bakeries, other multi-ingredient manufacturers and much, much more.  

Our team and products have continued to focus on food safety and the growth of our customers’ businesses, throughout the Americas, ranging from startups with one site to large multi-site enterprises.

Join the Revolution!

Meet Our Leadership Team

The team at ParityFactory is committed to improving food safety and helping our client’s business grow. We are involved in every aspect of your project.

Sean Clemmons - CEO

Sean Clemmons


Tyler Marshall - President

Tyler Marshall


Meggan Combs - VP of Operations

Meggan Combs

VP of Operations

Corey Sloan - Director of Development

Corey Sloan

Director of Development

Derek Rosa - Dev Lead

Derek Rosa

Development Lead