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Success Story

Happy Apples

Apple Processor Reduces Costs, Gains Accurate, Instant Reporting

Happy Apples, located in Washington, MO, grows apples, produces apple cider, and operates caramel apple factories in Missouri and California. Their apples are picked fresh from their own orchards located in Marthasville, MO, as well as other orchards in Missouri, California, Illinois, Michigan, Washington, Idaho, and Pennsylvania. Happy Apples’ fresh cider and caramel apples are sold seasonally at their Missouri factory, online, and in select grocery stores throughout the U.S. Happy Apples has been family owned and operated for over forty-five years.

The Challenge

Happy Apples’ antiquated tracking process became apparent when labeling issues arose with one of their largest customers, Walmart. Walmart required PTI compliant labels, but Happy Apples was using an old and cumbersome ERP system that wouldn’t allow for the necessary updates. It was clear that a new labeling system would be required.

Additionally, Happy Apples’ production tracking was outdated and entirely manual, using spreadsheets maintained by the owner of the company. Due to the complexity of the process which had developed over time and the unique nature of their operation, there was no easy way to hand control to anyone else or to continue to scale it, and they were getting buried
in paperwork and processes that no longer applied to their business.

Previously researched ERP options were expensive with long periods of installation and even longer periods to a realistic ROI. Happy Apples needed a cost-effective system that could be implemented quickly, yet still be customized to their needs and scalable to support the growth and maintenance of customer accounts.

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Parity helped us modernize and simplify our ERP system by separating the complexity of materials management from the ERP system. At the same time, we have reduced the cost of managing tracing with a world class materials management system that is both simple to train on and powerful in its support for our business needs.
Ed Reidy
President, Happy Apples
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The Solution

Happy Apples decided to revamp their operation with ParityFactory. ParityFactory, integrated with Quickbooks, provided a cost-effective solution to both their outdated tracking and reporting systems and their need for PTI compliant labeling. The new paperless system enables automated tracking and reporting, scalability, and greater efficiency.

Shopping cart functionality was built into ParityFactory with Happy Apples’ custom specifications and allows users to easily pull cases from many pallets to fulfill an order without having to serialize case labels and/or manage total number of prints. Peel and Present label printers were installed on the production line providing easy and accurate PTI compliant labeling.

The new software allows tracking and reporting of all materials from their four farms all the way through the production cycle to shipping. The variety of tracking methods ParityFactory offers enables Happy Apples to track their candied apples, ciders, and juices by lot, weight, volume, quantity, and more.

The Results and Benefits

With the system generating Walmart compliant PTI labels, Happy Apples has been able to retain one of their largest customers and attract new ones. The new labeling system has also reduced the number of shipment errors cutting down the excess labor and cost of correcting orders.

Managing inventory and reporting through ParityFactory has greatly simplified the accounting process and eliminated the cumbersome and inefficient paper practices used previously. The automated system has made generating reports not just easy, but instant. The greater shop floor visibility is helping lead Happy Apples to an early and impressive ROI.

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