Success Story

Imperial Frozen Foods

Leading Frozen Fruit Supplier Supports Future Growth with Automated Materials Control

Imperial Frozen Foods was formed in 1957 as an extension of the Fruitcrest Preserve Company. Already a formidable buyer of numerous fruits, Imperial’s owners had the vision to expand its market and became a leading supplier of high quality frozen fruits to further processors. As the market changed, supply chain developed, consumer perceptions broadened and private brands gained in popularity, Imperial kept pace with the market.

Imperial is now a leading supplier of Grade A conventional and organic frozen fruits to the retail, club, and food service segments.

  • Top of the line materials control provides efficient automation and yield and loss control.
  • New reporting system functions between adjacent cold storage and the production facility for seamless tracking.
  • Immediate visibility of live operations, productivity, and yields is open to anyone using the system.

The Challenge

Imperial Frozen Foods was using five contracted facilities for the processing of their products. They were seeing lower yields and higher losses from their materials than they expected and wanted to build and maintain their own processing facility. They needed a materials management program that would allow their new facility to hit the ground running.

The materials management system for Imperial’s new facility needed to support future growth, automate inventory and materials control, provide lot tracing, and integrate with the adjacent public cold storage unit.

With experience managing their contracted facilities, Imperial was familiar with inventory best practices. It was time to find a cost-effective solution to implement and enforce those best practices at their own facility.

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Starting our own facility was a long difficult process; Parity made it easier. The system is intuitive, easy to use and provides live data at our finger tips. Parity has helped bridge the live data gap between our plant and corporate office hundreds of miles away!
Andrew Mayes
Imperial Frozen Foods
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The Solution

After comparing options, Imperial Frozen Foods selected ParityFactory as the best fit for their new facility. The Parity team consulted with Imperial about the implementation and configured the new system to fit their needs.

ParityFactory aligned perfectly with Imperial’s desired best practices and solutions including:

  • FIFO and country of origin management in picking raw materials.
  • Automation of order and shipment processing.
  • Fully mobile workforce as workers move between adjacent cold storage and production facilities.
  • Leveraging existing vendor labels for automation of lot tracing and expedited receiving.

In addition to the above operational procedures, ParityFactory was integrated with Imperial’s core Great Plains accounting system. This allows corporate office users to automatically push planning information, such as purchase and sales orders, to the plant for purposes of production scheduling.

Additionally, as Imperial plans its second facility, ParityFactory is providing them with a very efficient implementation process that can be replicated for each new plant.

The Results and Benefits

By selecting ParityFactory, Imperial has laid the groundwork for a successful processing facility. The system was quickly installed and Imperial was fast to adapt to the new process. They expect to see a ROI within a few months. They have top of the line materials control providing efficient automation and yield and loss control. The new reporting system functions between their adjacent cold storage and the new facility; movement of raw materials and finished goods is seamlessly tracked between both buildings.

  • Accurate inventory results in instant digital lot tracing and easy to use reporting.
  • Immediate visibility of live operations, productivity, and yields is open to anyone using the system.
  • Instructions from the home office feed automatically to handheld devices in the plant and activity in the plant feeds to the office in real-time ensuring that receiving, production, and shipping operators maintain accuracy and efficiency.
  • Labor costs are minimized from eliminating manual data entry on the shop floor and streamlining processes for tracking inventory, lot tracing, and production reporting.

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