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Full Automated Trace From Catch to Customer

Streamlining Fishery Management & Data

CatchManager II Software - Seafood Specific

Seafood Specific

Every part of the system is specialized and optimized for buying directly from vessels - including pricing, taxes, deductions, supply sales, compliance reporting, third-party transactions and fishery management.
CatchManager II Software - Accounting Rules Engine

Accounting Rules Engine

Configurations are managed centrally so users never have to do any direct accounting. While general ledger account assignments can be done manually, most will be done automatically based on predefined rules.
CatchManager II Software - Easy Error Correction

Easy Error Correction

Fixing mistakes is fast and easy. Reversing entries can be generated automatically from existing tickets or invoices. Users have the option of reinstating original tickets for corrections using the same ticket number.
CatchManager II Software - Multi-site


Centralized data provides rich views of fish purchasing activity across all locations. Master files, rules and configurations are made once at the home office and automatically published to all facilities.
CatchManager II Software - Real-Time


In the case of a broken internet connection, our advanced Store & Forward feature kicks in – temporarily storing plant data and then forwarding it through to the home office database once connections are restored.
CatchManager II Software - Workflows


User defined workflows support transaction processing in stages – defining work sequences, roles and responsibilities that speed up data entry and review.

Accurate, efficient fishery management for seafood operations

CatchManager II is the fishery management component of Parity’s warehouse management suite. CatchManager II integrates seamlessly with ParityFactory Software, providing automatic tracing and materials management from the fishing grounds to the customer.

CatchManager II simplifies fish purchasing and settlements—bringing accuracy, efficiency and security to the largest use of cash for most seafood operations. The platform is specifically designed for fishery management, enabled for multi-site usage, and works in real-time even with spotty or no internet.

A key value of the software is Vessel Management. CatchManager II manages Vessel Settlements, Holdbacks, and Supply Sales to fishing vessels, while producing buying analytics.

For our Northwest customers, CatchManager II’s integration with eLandings and automated compliance reporting dramatically reduce errors and entry efforts.

Information at the right time, to the right people

Business intelligence capabilities are central to CatchManager II. The system generates customizable business analysis views based on standardized data that has been compiled across all enterprise sites. Integration across modules supports an even richer environment where data can be modeled to drive key business decisions across the company.

Familiar Data Analysis Tools
All system components include familiar data analysis tools, such as Excel, for fast and easy inquiries. Users can refine and design their own list views to meet job specific reporting needs. Pivot table lists, data filtering, searching and sorting are all intuitive, self-service features for creating these specialized views.  

Instant Printed Reports and Data Export
Once users have shaped their data as needed, printed reports are easily generated from any system module. The grid’s contents (in the same layout as it appears on screen) can be exported to all popular formats, including RTF, PDF, XLSX, XLS, CSV.

eLandings Integration
eLandings Integration manages the process of importing tickets from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s eLandings system. Tickets are imported directly into CatchManager II where pricing and tax rules can be applied according to preconfigured settings. From there, users have an opportunity to review all data prior to posting.

Compliance Reporting
CatchManager II provides complete flexibility in meeting the reporting requirements of all government agencies. Reporting areas can be related to, or completely separate from, taxing districts. The system also support reporting requirements that may encompass different geographical breakdowns.

Universal Search
Unlimited browsing and search features make it easy to find what you need. Convenient hyperlinks throughout the system provide instant access to key data and configuration areas.

Raw Materials Purchasing

Fish ticket processing is easy for all species, seasons, plants, fleets and buying stations.


CatchManager II supports all types of purchased products. User-defined attributes are configured to define species, gear, form, condition and any other factor that affects pricing, catch reporting, taxes, business analysis and accounting.

Multiple Premiums

Each ticket may contain multiple premiums. Premiums are set up by product and can be automatically added to a ticket.

Taxes & Deductions

Automatically handle deductions from tickets for association dues, garnishments, financing, etc. based on locations, vessels, species or other criteria. Deduction formulas may be based on weight or value in order to accommodate fishermen as well as company liabilities and accruals. The system manages any company-paid liabilities and accruals in the same manner. Integration with the general ledger and detailed deduction reports provide a complete audit trail of remittances to the agencies involved.

Flexible Pricing

CatchManager II supports multiple price lists based on the vessel account, species or season. For added reliability, the software maintains a complete audit trail of all price changes as well as history of the price list version. In the event of a price correction or revision,. the automatic price adjustment feature saves hours of manual, error prone calculations.

Fast Data Entry

Since high volume data entry is key to these busy operations, CatchManager II includes optimized data entry screens for entering large numbers of transactions with the fewest number of keystrokes. Even faster is the automated integration with eLanding in Alaska for our clients working in the Pacific.

Policies and Reporting

Centralized Configuration Management
CatchManager II supports central control of system configurations. This “command and control” model makes it possible to plan, configure and enforce corporate accounting policies. Common analytical structures enable the remote buying and processing operations to function as a single, integrated system.  

System configurations are set at the home office and electronically published to all subscribing sites. The subscribing sites then send back completed transactions and updated accounts and permits

Consolidated Transaction Database
CatchManager II maintains a master central database that automatically receives and consolidates transactional data from all plants. The database includes transactions and master files such as tickets, charges, payment transactions, accounts and financial transactions (journal entries).  


Financial Integration
CatchManager II automates the construction of general journal entries to match existing accounting systems. The system supports complex account structures (up to 10 account segments). Dynamic accounting rules drive the construction of journal entries based on data in the transactions such as fleet, plant, species and other product attributes.  Journal entries may also be classified based on designated accounts for taxes, bank accounts, and fisher receivable/payable control accounts.

Fish Purchasing Analytics
Real-time reporting is available across all buying and processing operations by accessing the centralized CatchManager II database. With real time information feeding from plant operations users are able to access their own self-defined business intelligence views.  Since everyone is reviewing data from the same source, managers across the enterprise can be sure that reports are uniform and reliable.


Vessel Account Management

Vessel Settlements

Payment processing in CatchManager II is designed to automatically compute and print settlement checks. Open items may be selected or excluded at will and manual settlements based on specified cutoff dates can be processed at any time. Each settlement reconciles the fisher account and keeps an auditable history of all transactions related to the associated payment. Statement details may include transactions such as fish tickets, deductions, price adjustments, bonuses, cash, checks, advances, supply sales, credit memos and holdbacks.


The holdback tool allows users to designate amounts for reserve and withhold funds from settlements. Release dates are also tracked in the system to support automatic releases for such funds. For example, if the system has extended purchase orders to suppliers on behalf of fishers, this provides a way to reserve funds to cover the vendor charges. The original holdback and subsequent release are displayed clearly on settlements for added visibility.

Supply Sales to Fishing Vessels

CatchManager II handles direct sales of equipment, services, bait, ice, gear and supplies to fishing vessels. Other related transactions such as cash advances and miscellaneous charges are also tracked within the system. Each sale shows its source, whether that be the dock, a buying station or tender. Sales are tracked by item code and source for pricing, accounting, business analytics and managing accounts with tenders and other third parties.

Buying Analytics

Fish tickets maintain information such as vessel, catch area, buyer and receiving location for reporting and analysis. Easy access to ticket history and vessel account status and history saves time and eliminates the need to keep volumes of printed reports. Convenient on-screen inquiries make it simple for staff to keep in touch with day-to-day operations, vessel accounts and accounting information. Query tools provide unlimited ways to analyze purchases by species, product attribute, location and vessel.

Modernize Your Fishery Management

CatchManager II was built in partnership with major companies in the northwest seafood industry and is used at over 40 processors across Alaska and the Northwest alone. The system reflects decades of learning and supports the latest in food safety standards.

We’ve spent over 30 years transitioning seafood organizations from manual or legacy systems to modernized operations with automatic, real-time reporting.

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Improved operational efficiencies

“With rapidly rising operating costs, automation is an imperative in our plant. ParityFactory Software provides us with a stable operating platform in processing, case-up, and shipping/receiving, which will allow us to explore numerous opportunities for improved efficiencies in our operations”

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