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Changing ERP Systems? Let Us Help!


One of the most powerful features of ParityFactory WMS is our ability to integrate with almost any modern ERP on the market. Through this, we’re able to provide our users with numerous efficiencies, including the automatic import of purchase and sales orders, real-time error validations, and an always-on view of inventory between systems. Our experience with different ERPs also means that we can be a trusted resource to our clients who are considering changing ERP systems, and often provide consulting on the matter to help them make the correct choice for their business.

So why might you choose to migrate your ERP?

Evolving Financial Needs

Every food or beverage operation has their own, particular set of needs when it comes to finance and accounting. Financial tech is evolving at a blistering pace, and toolsets and capabilities differ between platforms. Processors will often find that their particular situation may be best served by the capabilities of one ERP vs another. The following are just a few examples of features that can differ between accounting systems:

-The ability to more easily integrate payroll into the accounting process

Dashboarding and reporting options to give a better overall view of business health

-Advanced banking or financial statement tools

-Automating customer and vendor access to certain information

-More advanced business intelligence tools for the sales team

Not all ERPs offer all of these features, which is why it’s important to consider what your business requires in an accounting platform, and use that insight to tailor your choice. It’s also worth remembering that operational needs change over time, and what worked about a system last year may not hold true now or into the future.


While individual features may drive operations into changing ERP systems, most often the change is prompted by their overall growth. Many ParityFactory WMS users find that as they grow, their needs quickly outpace the capabilities of smaller or home-grown ERP platforms. Moving to a more robust ERP can enable new possibilities, but it can also come with a suite of challenges. More capable systems are more expensive, and it can be daunting to choose between the many different options. That’s where we step in. We’ve helped many of our existing users support their growth by migrating to heavier-duty accounting platforms. Lending our expertise to ensure they make the best choice for their business and that all the features they love about their ParityFactory integration remain intact.

Our ERP consulting is one of the many ongoing benefits that ParityFactory customers receive when they implement our WMS. Interested in learning more about how ParityFactory integrates with accounting platforms, or want to see more of the software? Reach out today and schedule an in-depth demo with our food processing experts!


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