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Customer Keys to Success with a New ParityFactory System


The Project Management team at ParityFactory oversees all of our projects to get new customers ready to configure, test, and use their custom-built ParityFactory system.  Our teams will do much of the work to make this happen, but every project also involves a customer handling many tasks as well, from providing us information to testing new equipment to conducting facility-wide tests of the ParityFactory process!

Each ParityFactory customer is different, but there are recommendations we have for customers that will help you manage your part of the project and keep it on track:

Appoint your own Project Manager

One of the first contacts you’ll meet at ParityFactory is our assigned project manager.  She or he will be arranging regular meetings, taking and sharing notes, and coordinating the other ParityFactory team members you will work with.  It is helpful for most customers to also appoint a key person as their own project manager.  This provides us a clear contact for our questions, and helps highlight key tasks to your teams, be it a meeting to address some questions, a training session, or your live testing of ParityFactory.

We recommend a person serving as a project manager on your team be provided several hours per week of time specifically for working on the ParityFactory project.  They will also likely need more time during the weeks that we do process reviews, training, and during your first week of live use of ParityFactory.

Provide us documentation wherever you can.

Many of our clients have at least some written materials that will help ParityFactory.  Things that might help us customize your system include:

  • Any process flow diagrams or maps of your facility
  • Any training documents you have for current processes such as receiving raw materials, warehousing, or production processes
  • Samples of labels you currently generate or use
  • Copies of reports that have information you want from ParityFactory

We will be creating unique documentation for you to detail how to use your ParityFactory system, but before we create that, we want to understand what makes your operation unique.  We like to start with the best information we can to be sure we address your needs.

Test your system regularly and realistically

Before turning the system on for live operations, your ParityFactory project Manager will typically provide you a testing plan and an overview of what we expect from customer testing.  She or he also may arrange an initial guided testing session with one of our team members.  But to make your first live day using ParityFactory the best it can be, you have to test!

We recommend clients test their system every day for at least two weeks, and conduct testing to be as realistic as possible, including:

  • Conducting the processes for order amounts that match your norms.
  • Printing labels and reports as you will once live.
  • Physically using both Parity Mobile and Office application where you will be using them. Don’t sit at a desk for a process that will happen on a factory floor!

With a strong leader from your team, some documentation to kick off our review of your processes, and thorough testing, we believe we you can make getting your new ParityFactory software up and running a smooth success!

If you’re ready to take the first step in adopting ParityFactory for your operation, reach out today and schedule a demo!


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