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Ditch the Clipboard: 6 Reasons to Go Paperless


1. Reduce Errors

Utilizing mobile scanners that provide instant onscreen validations and warnings will significantly reduce human error from manual data entry.

2. Get Real-Time Information

Switching from pen and paper to automated materials control, you’ll know what’s going on in your food plant at any time. Real-time inventory data provides live, accurate views of stock levels and  production.

3. Increase Speed and Efficiency

Handwritten record keeping slows down your operation and creates frustrating bottlenecks throughout production. Ditch the clipboard in favor of scanning devices and barcodes for increased efficiency.

4. Cut Costs

With live, easy to access data you can reduce production and shipping mistakes as a result of inaccurate inventory levels. Fewer errors and happier customers can mean big cost savings.

5. Increase Visibility Across Departments

With easily accessible real-time data, office staff will no longer be waiting on handwritten records to complete financial reporting, scheduling, purchasing, and sales.

6. Instant End-to-End Tracing

Food processors must be able to trace lot information for ingredients and finished goods to identify problems quickly and accurately. Paper trails create delays and potentially significant and costly mistakes.




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