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Food Lifeline is Helping Feed Western Washington


Do you have over stock or non-saleable ingredients and products?  Did you know you may be able to donate those items to your local food bank?

Food Lifeline is “the food bank’s food bank”, serving 300 agency partners in 17 counties in Western Washington.

Food Lifeline’s mission is to feed people facing hunger today while working to end hunger for tomorrow. They believe that hunger doesn’t have to happen and is working to end hunger for the future by addressing its root causes, including systemic inequity and social injustice. In addition to direct food distribution,  they also advocate to shape local, state, and federal policy, by partnering with organizations that are addressing other causes of poverty, and through community engagement and mobilization efforts.

When you donate:

  1. Easy, Free Business Solution – Food Lifeline will pick up product, saving you warehouse space, dumping and transportation costs
  2. Tax Deduction – you could see federal tax deductions when you donate food vs selling at pennies on the dollar or disposing off-spec product.
  3. Food Safety – Food Lifeline adheres to the highest industry standards and meets standards for food storage and handling, record keeping, inventory control, fiscal responsibility and warehouse management.
  4. Protection From Liability – the Federal Good Samaritan Act protects donors of food from liability if donated in good faith.
  5. Recalls – leveraging Feeding America’s national communications network, Food Lifeline and other network food banks have an efficient recall process in place to advise local food pantries.
  6. SOCIAL GOOD – because of the financial impact of the pandemic, food insecurity in the US is at an all-time high.  Your donations will help feed those experiencing hunger.

Pre-pandemic, Food Lifeline distributed the equivalent of 134,000 meals every day.  That number has more than doubled as a result of the pandemic.  After opening a second warehouse as part of its COVID-19 response, Food Lifeline has increased its capacity to distribute fresh, perishable, frozen, and dry products, including repacking bulk quantities, to those in need across Western Washington so please keep them in mind as a potential partner and business solution.

Food Lifeline would be happy to speak with you and to schedule a pick-up from your facility any time Monday-Friday.  Please contact Food Lifeline at 206-545-6600 or


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