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How ParityCare Takes the Headache out of IT Support


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In the business world, there are few situations more stressful than having a vital process crash at a crucial time. We’ve all experienced what happens next. We do all the troubleshooting that we know how to do. We reach out to the software expert on our team, only to learn they have never seen this issue before. We call IT, and they say the words we feared hearing from the start: “Open a ticket with their support.” 

We know what comes next: a series of unhelpful emails back and forth, in which we must reiterate our problem to a revolving door of support staff before we’re finally connected to the person that mostly solves our issue … two days late, and with a workaround that isn’t going to cut it long term. 

Introducing the ParityCare Difference 


The situation described above is enough to induce anxiety just thinking about it. However, luckily for our customers, this type of anxiety can be a thing of the past, thanks to ParityCare. Our ParityCare support team is there to solve your issues quickly, completely, and without the headache of worrying whether things will be fixed by your deadline. 


We can offer this assurance because of the shared qualities of our support team – the 4 Cs that make up the ParityCare difference: 


Our support technicians are familiar with and sensitive to the unique demands and constraints of the food production industry, so they treat each request with the gravity and urgency it requires. Whether it’s a simple printer issue or a problem with a vital process, we keep working with our customers until any issue is resolved. 


On the ParityCare support team, we constantly arrange new trainings, demos, testing, and a myriad of other self-improvement opportunities, so our support technicians can become true experts in our software. This in turn allows them to quickly solve any issues that arise and ask informed questions of other departments to gain knowledge they may be missing to do so. 


Our support team will always communicate timelines, causes, next steps, and any other pertinent information so that our clients know the status of their issue, how to prevent it in the future, and when it will be resolved. 


There are times when a particular issue requires more person power or a particular skill set to be resolved within the necessary timeframe. Our support team is in near constant communication with one another and with all other Parity teams, and they know when to escalate issues and to whom. However, unlike at other companies, when a support technician seeks those additional resources, the original technician still maintains ownership of the ticket. This allows them to serve as an advocate for our clients throughout the process to make sure that the issue is resolved as quickly as possible. 

Adopting new software can feel nerve-wracking, in part because food production is too urgent and important to be at the mercy of the IT-support runaround.  

But when you implement ParityFactory’s suite of management tools, you’re not only getting software, you’re getting the knowledgeable ParityCare team. If you’d like to learn more about how this could work for your particular operation, reach out today and schedule a demo! You’ll get one-on-one time with our food industry experts and learn exactly how ParityFactory can offer peace of mind as you reach your production goals. 



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