Make a More Efficient Bakery

Simplify Your Complex Process

Our bakery clients have some of the most complex processes and as a result can have the heaviest amount of rework. ParityFactory bakeries and snack manufacturers are getting the most out of their ingredients while, at the same time, easily maintaining lot traceability.

Wholesale bakeries as well as our snack clients use ParityFactory Software to increase efficiency of each team, from the warehouse to production, finance to sales. It helps our customer’s quality teams extend their practices into each of these teams, without additional effort by any of them.

Lot Traceability

Our bakery customers’ traceability tracks each and every step throughout the manufacturing process. Reworked ingredients get checked back into inventory while maintaining the original genesis of their lot. And in our system, instant lot tracing means just that. Live reports tell you where your ingredients came from, where they are in the warehouse and where those products have been sold.

Production Management

Our recipes functionality is powerful, allowing the creation of recursive sub-recipes and automatically generating the WIPs necessary to get to the finished goods you’re trying to produce. Batch processing is central to our toolset, and yield reporting is a product of the lot tracing that happens at every stage.

Warehouse Management

Our WMS module allows our customers to check materials into specific warehouse locations, while also warning if they receive more (or less) than was purchased. This helps with management of allergens, and organic vs non-organic, while also reducing labeling errors. Bill of Materials and Bill of Ladings come straight out of the system, integrated with the key data from your ERP.

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Customer Success

Supporting Future Growth

“Mock recalls and lot tracing used to take us more than two hours of digging through paper work. After implementing ParityFactory, it now takes us about 10 minutes to do a recall exercise.”

ParityFactory Customer: BakeWorks