Candy and Confections are complex

Reduce The Risk For Errors

They’re also among the most highly recalled food categories, typically for undeclared allergens. Using our barcodes, scanners, and candy factory software reduces the risk for errors and keeps allergens, organic and non-organic, all separate and clearly demarcated.

Candy and confections have some of the most complex processes and also some of the largest products lists.
Our lot tracing and warehouse management software is both built and configured with your candy and confection needs in mind.

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Customer Success

Reducing Costs, Gaining Accuracy

“Parity helped us modernize and simplify our ERP system by separating the complexity of materials management from the ERP system. At the same time, we have reduced the cost of managing tracing with a world class materials management system that is both simple to train on and powerful in its support for our business needs.”

ParityFactory Customer: Happy Apples