Catch Weight, Yields, and Random Case Weight. We know Meat Processing

Real-Time Inventory

Yield Management is critical for our Meat and Sausage clients. Many of them are using paper and pencil to manage random case weights, or even just rounding down for invoicing purposes and losing critical revenue. Our software automates all of that, and with scanners and barcoding, you’ll know every item in every case, along with the exact weight.

Meat and sausage processors have some of the most varied processes of all of our clients.
That’s why our materials control software is configured to automatically check each step in the process, displaying an informative error if a team member attempts the wrong label or action. Through scanning and barcoding, our average meat processor saves 3,200 hours per year in manual, error prone efforts.

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Customer Success

Modernized Materials Control Solution

We implemented an automated inventory control from receiving through production and shipping to customers. Employees were equipped with barcode scanners to quickly and easily scan products into inventory for precise, real-time tracking.

ParityFactory Customer: Rabe's Quality Meat Inc.