Safer Multi-Ingredient and Prepared Packaged Foods

Helping You Produce the Safest Possible Food

Some of our Prepared Packaged Foods clients are made to order, while others produce to inventory. Either way, ParityFactory has the most powerful food production management software on the market, creating efficiencies while also helping your team to produce the safest possible food.

Prepared packaged foods is a complex manufacturing operation, and we’re here to simplify it.
Prepared packaged foods and our other multi-ingredient customers rely on our software to manage their production floor. 

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Our inventory accuracy prior to ParityFactory vs now is night and day. Improving our inventory control was a priority for us to lower our overall cost and helped us with our traceability. Parity's team is helpful and responsive to answer our questions quickly and resolve any issues or concerns we have.
Steven Herr
Stone Gates Foods
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ParityFactory Customers

ParityFactory has partnered with many leading food companies in a variety of industries throughout North America. Here are just a few of the companies using ParityFactory Software to modernize their operations and automate their materials control.

ParityFactory Customer: Devanco Foods