Nuts Are Unique

ParityFactory Software is Built & Configured for Growers and Processors

We know that nut processing has a unique history that differs even across types and regions. From almonds to pecans, hazelnuts to cashews and beyond, ParityFactory Software is built and configured with your individual needs in mind.

Some of our nut clients are wholesalers only, separating for size and quality, while others do both wholesale and nut-based candies. With ParityFactory Software, you get a solution that’s customized to your business, efficient to implement and simple to use.

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ParityFactory Customer: Gold River

GoldRiver Orchards

Walnut Processor Automates to Attain Real-Time Inventory Control

ParityFactory was integrated in all areas of production, from receiving through shipping, providing a comprehensive materials control solution. GoldRiver’s inventory is now available in real-time, tracing is complete and recordable and handwritten record-keeping has been eliminated.

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Parity is a first-class organization with an excellent product, great service and support, and outstanding follow-up. We’re proud to be Parity’s first true nut client and look forward to our ongoing partnership.
Don Barton
President GoldRiver Orchards
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ParityFactory Customers

ParityFactory has partnered with many leading food companies in a variety of industries throughout North America. Here are just a few of the companies using ParityFactory Software to modernize their operations and automate their materials control.

ParityFactory Customer: South Georgia Pecan Co.
ParityFactory Customer: Andersen & Sons Shelling
ParityFactory Customer: Gold River
ParityFactory Customer: Toor