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Streamlining and Increasing the Efficiency of Poultry Processing

Save an average of 4,000 hours a year

We work with our poultry processing clients to ensure catch weight and yield figures are captured at each step. We know what information is important and all of it is available in pre-built, customizable reports that decrease effort in finance almost as much as our scanners & barcodes do in the warehouse.

Every bird is unique, and so is every poultry processor we’ve worked with.
Our production software spans many use cases, and works with our poultry customers’ existing processes to make them more efficient and less error-prone.

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ParityFactory Customer: Schiltz Foods

Schiltz Foods

Poultry Producer Achieves Smooth Transition to Accurate, Real-time Inventory Control
Schiltz Foods, located in Sisseton, SD, is the largest provider of geese and capons in North America. The company grew from just five geese in 1945 to about 100,000 per year today. Year-round, the company employs 30 to 40 people full-time and up to 140 seasonally – processing as many as 7,000 birds per day.
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The system was so easy to implement on the shop floor, the staff was trained in less than one afternoon and we received excellent support from the project team at Parity.
Schiltz Foods

ParityFactory Customers

ParityFactory has partnered with many leading food companies in a variety of industries throughout North America. Here are just a few of the companies using ParityFactory Software to modernize their operations and automate their materials control.