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Introducing PF Grading for Walnuts!


ParityFactory is proud to announce PF Grading for walnuts! PF Grading is a brand-new cloud-based platform for digital capture of third-party test results. This initial release of the system is specific to Walnuts, capturing DFA or USDA certified walnut grading tests.

Who should use this release of PF Grading?

California Walnut Processors, or any other Walnut Processors capturing the DFA required data. Processors that want more accurate data. And, lastly, Processors that want to easily give their Growers access to test data.

The Problem Today

Currently, most testing is done via paper with no validation. While tests require 100 walnuts, in many cases the results don’t even consistently add up to 100. Likewise, even once the tests are complete, that data then has to be manually typed into a spreadsheet or database. After that lengthy and additionally error-prone process, grower reports still have to be manually produced.

The Solution

PF Grading enables the DFA, your DFA certified team members, or 3rd Party USDA certified labs to enter the data directly into our system. For the few labs that have their own system, they can also upload their data into PF Grading.

What does PF Grading do though?

Whether entered or uploaded, PF Grading captures the test data for each lot, including optional photos of the 100 walnut test trays. This data is then immediately available to you, the Processor.

Access to the test data in digital format saves data entry costs, increases accuracy, and expedites access. This data then can be used to inform Grower Payments.

In addition to having immediate, digital access to the data—which can then be exported to Excel, PDF, or into a database—PF Grading also comes with a Grower Portal. This allows Processors using PF Grading to select individual Growers that they want to invite to the portal to view their own test results, summary results and weight to date.

Past tests can be easily navigated via the online portal.

PF Grading’s dashboards serve as mission control for your testing, giving you relevant and crucial data at a glance.

Custom tests can be easily configured by users.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s Next for PF Grading? PF Grading is a food focused LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). We’ve begun with Walnuts to better serve many of our existing clients, but ultimately it will work with all tree nuts and produce. We’ll be adding Almonds, and produce over the course of this year.

Do I need to be a customer of ParityFactory WMS to use PF Grading? No! PFGrading is a stand alone application to help Walnut Processors. There is no installation or implementation necessary, and any Processor is able to use it.

What does it cost to use PF Grading? The cost of PF Grading is determined by how many tests are run per year. Many small processors will find PF Grading is only a few dollars a month.

I’m interested in learning more, what should I do? Schedule a demo today, or feel free to contact us at We’ll get you setup with an account to try out, no cost.


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