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New for Tree Nut Clients: Grower Payment Solutions!


The ParityFactory team was excited to reconnect with familiar faces and meet new folks at the annual Western Agricultural Processors’ Association (WAPA) Conference last month. In case we missed you there, we wanted to show you something new that we were excited to demo for the tree nut industry.  

Introducing GrowerPayments for Nut Clients


For this season, ParityFactory has released GrowerPayments for Walnut Processors and beyond. This web-based tool allows Walnut Processors of all sizes to enter walnut test data, set prices, produce Grower Statements, and even optionally allow Growers to log in and see their information. 

We’re actively piloting it with other tree nuts (and even produce) so if you’re interested in a pilot, please let us know!

Want to check it out in time for this year’s harvest? Feel free to reach out via our demo link, here, or connect directly with Alison Lehner, our National Sales Manager, at or 360-773-7910.

About ParityFactory in the Tree Nut Industry 


ParityFactory works extensively within the nut processing industry, from Walnuts to Almonds, Pistachios to Pecans. Our Grower Tools suite has been developed specifically with the needs of nut processors in mind, helping to streamline the process of receiving from contract growers, automating grading, and providing payment and inventory insights necessary for the industry.  

Across the food industry, ParityFactory’s software is designed to adapt to an ever-changing supply chain, government requirements, and private consumer demands through automated digital traceability and production management. Our clients’ growth and success are of the upmost importance to ParityFactory, and we work closely with our customers to continue to develop tools that allow them to operate more efficiently and safely.  

Interested in learning more about ParityFactory? Reach out today and our team will be happy to show you how we help nut processors modernize their operations.  


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