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New in ParityFactory: Simplified Production Runs + Better Traceability


Each new version of ParityFactory responds to issues and needs reported by food and beverage producers like you. You can review release notes for each new version of our food and beverage WMS & MES here 

See something you’d like to try? Reach out to ParityFactory Support!  

Two Highlights from Recent ParityFactory Releases :

1. Streamlined Production Runs 

 In the past, managing production runs often involved setting up two separate products—one for what you received and another for the bulk version. This setup could be cumbersome, especially when dealing with items like bags of flour received in bulk and then emptied into a silo. Now, you can use the same product for both bulk and non-bulk production runs. Your team will benefit from more simplicity, saying goodbye to the days of juggling multiple product setups. Reducing the complexity of your inventory management will also save your operation time, effort and, ultimately, money.  

We have clients using this feature to improve their workflow already. Let us know if you need an upgrade to start using it. 

2. New Audit Logs with Temporal Tables 

Our new audit logs comprehensively record changes to data over time, empowering our developers and support teams to better pinpoint problems. With a historical perspective on database contents, we can provide more informed assistance to our customers. 

See our release notes to explore all the ways we’re improving ParityFactory WMS & MES to make your food and beverage operation more efficient and your data more secure 

(Photo by Photo by Huebert World on Unsplash)


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