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Our Top 5 Tips for Getting the Most from ParityFactory


By: John Calvin and Shannon Harrop

At ParityFactory, we work with food processing operations of all sizes, representing virtually every industry in the food and beverage space. While every operation is different, we have identified a handful of common practices that allow our food manufacturing and production customers to get the most from our WMS and MES. 

We want to share 5 tips that will help you maximize the potential of ParityFactory, and we hope you’ll take a peek and reach out if we can support you today.  

5 Steps that Allow Food Processors to Make the Most of ParityFactory:

5. Keep us in the loop! We want you to succeed. 

At ParityFactory, our goal is to help your business succeed. We want to know when you run into roadblocks. New to scanning? Let us know, we can help! We’re always just a phone call or an email away. 

4. Get involved with the process.  

Test early, test often. Let us know where the gaps lie. Are there additional reports you need? Any features you’d like to see in the system? ParityFactory is built specifically with your company in mind, and we release a new version of ParityFactory every three weeks, with bug fixes and updates made in response to our clients’ feedback. Our team can often make adjustments and additions based on what you need and want – really. 

3. Tell us your story. 

At ParityFactory, we are committed to finding the best solution for your needs. Our most successful clients share scenarios that deviate from their normal processes, which allows us to design solutions that encompass all of their needs. Tell us about the unique scenarios that occur during your receipting, production, and shipping procedures.  

2. Make it a team effort.  

You may have one person handling it all at your company. You may also have multiple teams covering each step of your production process. Get voices from all sides of the production process. ParityFactory offers a solution to link these pieces together, and it works best when all stakeholders are fully up-to-speed on ParityFactory’s capabilities. 

1. Start training factory floor users as early as possible. 

Yes, our number one tip is about harnessing the power of YOUR people. At ParityFactory, we have found that our expert Train the Trainer methodology works best. We train the power users, and they in turn train the floor users. When power users train the floor users, the system is used and tested more, and floor users can help identify gaps that the power users may have not thought of. No one knows your food operation like the people on the factory floor. Our job is giving them the tools they need to execute your priorities more efficiently than ever. 



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