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ParityFactory 172: Two Most-Requested Features Now Live


ParityFactory’s industry-leading WMS & MES for food manufacturing and food processing has just rolled out a new version. As always, you can explore all ParityFactory release notes here.

Version 172 adds two of the most-requested features to both ParityFactory and CatchManager II, streamlining processes and reducing errors.

ParityFactory 172 Highlights


1. Improved Unreceive and Unproduce Experience

In ParityFactory 172, we’ve revamped the Production Run Unproduce and Receive Unproduce processes to make them more user-friendly. In the previous version, users had to navigate through screens, decide on tracking numbers, and take multiple steps to complete these actions.

The latest update makes this process significantly easier. Users can directly tag the tracking numbers they want to unproduce or receive on a single screen, eliminating the need to switch to separate screens and remember specific numbers. This enhancement not only saves time but also minimizes the chances of errors, providing a smoother experience for our users.

2. Streamlined Percentage Holdback in CatchManager II

One of the standout features in ParityFactory 172 is the introduction of a streamlined Percentage Holdback in CMII. Previously, users could create a holdback for individual fishers, specifying an amount to be withheld from their payment for various reasons, such as outstanding debts.

The new game-changer is the ability to apply a percentage holdback across multiple fishers with just a single action. For example, if you need to hold back 10% of all payments for an entire fleet, it’s now as simple as specifying a percentage and generating all holdbacks at once. Without tedious individual entries or manual calculations, this seamless process helps ensure quick and accurate holdback management.

Every new ParityFactory version adds or updates features to address the real-world use cases of our food processing and manufacturing customers. Check out the full release notes for Release 172.


(Photo by Paul Einerhand on Unsplash)


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