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A system that adapts to your changing needs

At ParityFactory we serve a broad and diverse range of manufacturers, processing everything from geese to granola. Because of this, no two of our projects are the same. Learning about the unique quirks and challenges faced in different industries is one of the things that makes our jobs fun and exciting. All ParityFactory users receive the same great core software when they implement, but we’ve designed our base platform to be extensible, to address distinct problems unique to particular spaces. Our toolset is ever expanding as we find new ways to help our users improve their efficiency, read below for our current offering of optional add-on modules.

PF Quality

PF Quality is a dedicated module that automated the QA/QC data management process. Most food and beverage processors do quality testing to some extent, but the rigor and depth with which they do it varies widely. For those processors that test heavily, PF Quality provides a direct path to time savings and reduced errors. With PF Quality, users can create custom quality tests for all stages of production, including test names, IDs, data types, and acceptable values. Production can be scheduled based off of quality results and automated holds can be configured for any results out of threshold. By unifying all of this data with the main PF system, the QA/QC team can be better connected with the rest of the operation and quality information can play a bigger role in business decision making.

PF Grower Tools

PF Grower Tools is a family of interconnected apps that we built to help our nut and produce processing customers better manage their contract growers during harvest. First in the suite is PF Grower Receiving, our receiving app that integrates with truck scales to automatically capture weight in, tare weight out, and distribute those values across total bins. Once product has been received, inventory data can be made available to contract growers via our PF Grower Portal. Configurable and permissionable, users can specify when growers can view their balances and how much information is made available. Grading and quality data can then be captured in the PF Grading app, with results being automatically sent to DFA and USDA certified labs. The final app in the suite, PF Grower Payments, can then take all of the inventory and grading data into account and generate payments to growers. All of these module work seamlessly together to keep trucks moving during harvest and prevent data lag between you and your growers.

PF Inventory Portal

While we’ve always provided a complete solution for clients to manage their inventory internally, we have an increasing number of clients providing storage or 3PL service to others in addition to their own processing. For those operations, PF Inventory Portal allows them to share inventory balances with their clients in a streamlined, real-time way. The module is just as configurable as all of our other products, so users can choose which customers have access to inventory numbers and how much information is available to them. In practice, the Inventory Portal means less calls to your office to check on inventory balances, and clients storing at your facility with more confidence.

PF Sandbox

While it’s not necessary a “module”, PF sandbox is a helpful add-on that many of our clients find useful in order to make the most of their system. Put simply, PF Sandbox is a separate instance of an existing ParityFactory system loaded with dummy data that can be used for training or testing purposes. This makes it much easier to get new staff up to speed with out the worry of inexperienced users making a mistake that could result in mission-critical data being tainted. The best part? All of the hard work is done in the initial implementation phase, so a sandbox is relatively cheap to spin up, making it an economically viable option for any sized processor!

Got a question about our add-on modules, or an idea for a tool you’d like to see built for your facility? Let us know! New clients can reach our sales & consultation team here. Current customers are welcome to contact us through the Support Portal or by emailing the Support team at


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