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ParityFactory Now Automates Native GS1 Tracking and Labeling!


ParityFactory is pleased to announce that we now support GS1 printing, natively, from our application instead of via BarTender. It is both easier and much faster than using BarTender Print Station and is supported in the ParityFactory versions 146 and later.  

As many of those reading this will know well, GS1 is a supply chain standard to help companies improve efficiency, safety, and security. Many protein processing food manufacturers rely on GS1 to track products through the supply chain.  

In this complex supply chain climate, the need for simple and easy GS1 labeled products is a must-have. ParityFactory makes it easy to create and track valid GS1 formats for your products and finished good labels. 

How can items be tracked with ParityFactory? 


Parity Factory can be easily configured to use the most common GS1 Application Identifiers (AI) to customize a GS1 format specific to your needs: 

  • GTIN 
  • Batch or Lot Number 
  • Production, Pack, Best Before, or Expiration Dates 
  • Product Weight in LBs or KGs 
  • Serial Numbers 

A valid GS1 number will be created for every case created through the following production processes: 

  • Catch weight products 
  • Uniform weight products 
  • Combine with Scale-integrated production 
  • Produce and Pack production 
  • Single case production 

The impact: 


With Parity Factory’s native GS1 auto-generation feature, it is no longer necessary to maintain a separate product database and GS1 generating software.  

The application also allows the creation of multiple GS1 formats specific to certain supply chain requirements or industries. Assign your customized GS1 format to Parity Factory’s product-assigned Tracked Item Type, and the system will automatically use the assigned GS1 format to produce a GS1 label specific to that product. 

Configure and use custom GS1 formats to auto-generate valid GS1 formatted tracking numbers and print GS1 barcoded labels directly from Parity Factory. 


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