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ParityFactory Recent Release Highlights: NetSuite Integrations + New Features


Every three weeks, we release a new version of ParityFactory, with tweaks and updates that respond to customer needs. You can see notes from all our releases here 

In our recent releases, we’ve rolled out some new features to streamline your workflow – and we’ve majorly improved NetSuite integrations. 

Ready to upgrade and receive some training on new features? Reach out to ParityFactory Support! 

More Seamless Integrations with NetSuite:


  • You can now set multiple line items for the same product. 

With multiple line items for a single product now allowable with a single purchase order, ParityFactory integrates even more seamlessly with NetSuite. This means you can now have the same product twice, with different prices. 

  • We now have a new setting that makes it easier to enter allergy information in NetSuite.   

NetSuite and ParityFactory can now easily share and manage allergen information together rather than solely in ParityFactory.  

ParityFactory Updates to streamline your workflow.


  • ParityFactory now defines error severity. 

PF Integration Manager now makes it easier to identify integration errors that require action and communicate what that action is. We’ve categorized the level of error severity to make it easier for your team to solve or help clarify when reaching out to ParityFactory support. 

  • Error Prevention on Archive of Production Runs. 

In the latest version of ParityFactory, there are new configurations to help prevent archiving of errant Production Runs. These settings will stop the floor user from archiving an obviously bad production run with impossible yields (Ex: issuing 60 lbs of raw materials and producing 600 lbs).

For CatchManager II Users: 


  • CMII now integrates with NetSuite. 

Attention, West Coast seafood processors: It’s now easier than ever to use CatchManager II and NetSuite together. Our new integration makes it possible for you to seamlessly sync fish ticketing information from CM II into NetSuite, dramatically reducing data entry, eliminating errors, and speeding up the flow of information. 

  • CMII now also integrates with E-Tix.

ParityFactory has long been integrated into E-Landings. CMII has recently been expanded to integrate into E-Tix as well. This will help our CA, OR and WA customers who work directly with fishing boats.

 (Photo by Richard Horvath on Unsplash)



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