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ParityFactory Releases 143 & 144: Latest Feature and Functionality Updates


We update ParityFactory software every three weeks, providing fixes and new functionality to improve our clients’ experiences. Here, we’re sharing just a few highlights from our two latest releases, which both rolled out in May. You can visit our Release Notes page to explore a full description of updates made in Release 143Release 144, and previous releases.

Please note that not all new features or functionality listed are available by default, and some may require additional subscription costs. If you see features you’d like to try but can’t yet access, please reach out to your ParityFactory representative or email 

 Highlights from ParityFactory Release 143: 

  • Prevent misplaced product with new safeguards. 

With this feature, we’ve lowered the potential for inventory misplacements. Management can set the parameters around which subsets of locations can receive a given product, and team members on the floor will be alerted if they’re placing something in the wrong spot.  

  • Set minimum and maximum catchweights on your products. 

Many of our meat clients have been eager for a feature that simultaneously catches whether a cut of meat is over your set maximum or under your minimum. Determining whether a packed product needs to be pulled for weight is now instantaneous. 

  •  Manage ACH payments more easily in CatchManager II. 

We’ve added a series of features that will support ACH transactions and payment records, and you can now control the data entry for ACH payments. 

Highlights from ParityFactory Release 144: 

  • Returns are now supported in NetSuite / PF integration. 

ParityFactory has always handled returns natively, but returns functionality traditionally has not been integrated with our ERP partners. In this version, ParityFactory’s native return features can be used as designed and will automatically update NetSuite appropriately without any additional manual steps. 

  • You can now print all staged or loaded items in a shipment with one action, instead of one at a time, through many clicks.  

In the past, you’ve had to print labels for loaded and staged items one by one. Now, if you have items staged or loaded for a shipment, you can print a label for all items with a single action – a major time-saver for our larger customers. From the load or stage screen, simply click “print,” then indicate whether you want a label for every item on the screen.  

Every three weeks, we release a new software update. Check out previous release notes here, and keep an eye out for emails alerting you to the latest improvements. 

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