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Receiving ingredients and shipping finished goods is the very first function of the software that we turn on during implementation. Scan crates, boxes, or whole pallets directly into inventory and then check them into their location.
ParityFactory Software for Production


No more paper! Each step tracked and scanned. Faster, with far fewer errors, and a system that warns them if they accidentally scan in the wrong ingredient (ex: organic vs non-organic, allergen vs non-allergen) into the current production run.
ParityFactory Software for Quality


Our Quality Module eliminates paperwork and even empowers the production team to capture the needed data via handheld scanners. Reduce risk and ensure compliance.
ParityFactory Software for Office & Finance

Office & Finance

With our production management software integrated with your existing ERP, there’s no need to manually manage multiple systems. Put products on hold or view real-time reports on what’s currently being produced.
ParityFactory Software for Sales


ParityFactory customers can do a recall in minutes, well below their two hour requirement. Even outside of Costco and Walmart, instant lot tracing is a differentiator that food buyers care deeply about.
ParityFactory Software for Executives


Mock recalls completed in minutes instead of hours. Checks and balances across the factory, managed and enforced by the software. But most of all, immediate, up to date, visibility into your business.

Inventory Management and Lot Tracing Software, built solely for food and beverage production

Each client is different, each factory unique, but all our clients find that ParityFactory Software pays for itself in twelve to eighteen months in the efficiencies it creates.

Whether you’re a manufacturer or co-packers or a bit of both, whether your orders are from Shopify, an EDI, or all of the above, our Software was built for you. We’re proud of our record at delivering not just our software, but the actual solution to running your factory floor better.

Revolutionize your business and never worry about an audit again

Reporting and MRP

Our reporting suite comes out of the box with dozens of reports designed to help you run your operation efficiently. Each implementation also involves the creation of custom reports. For those with heavier MRP or extended reporting needs, our available custom reporting module allows clients to create and save new reports with data from ParityFacotry Software and their integrated ERP.

Integrated with your ERP

Our food and beverage manufacturing software integrates seamlessly with every major (and most minor) ERPs. There are great ERPs out there and ParityFactory Software doesn’t replace them, what we do is enable those ERPs to be effective for food and beverage factories.

Food and Beverage Production

Produce finished goods and create ingredient pick-lists dynamically. Get visibility into where goods are in the process and count goods in the midst of WIP steps as part of your overall inventory. From yield tracking to catchweight production scheduling to recipe management, our software is focused on improving your production process.

PF Quality

Our Quality module is built for food processors who want to record, track and report on quality data in the plant. As an optional component of ParityFactory, PF Quality reduces risk and dramatically improves the efficiency of your existing quality control efforts.

Integrated with your Factory

Fully IoT enabled, our software integrates with your connected scales, inline printers, labelers, and even advanced robotics. Whether they’re in your plant now or part of your future vision, our production software has you covered.

Instant Lot Tracing

We’re proud to say there is no lot tracing software available that does a better job of automating food and beverage manufacturers tracing. Utilizing integrated scanners and printers, full lot tracing is available at the click of a button.

Warehouse and Inventory Management

Receive ingredients into your warehouse with a quick scan. Scan them again into a specific location. Know instantly what ingredients and finished goods you have available and exactly where they are in your facilities. Automatic FIFO and GS1 labeling. Incredibly easy to use, the Warehouse Management System portion of our software is integral to efficient, high quality lot tracing.

Implemented in 90 days

ParityFactory Software is fully implemented into your operation in 90 days. The majority of the installation and configuration is done remotely after a thorough tour of your plant. Prior to the system going live, our team comes and finalizes training in person. We’re there to support you when the system launches, to track and solve any challenges.

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Customer Success

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“Mock recalls and lot tracing used to take us more than two hours of digging through paperwork. After implementing ParityFactory Software, it now takes us about 10 minutes to do a recall exercise.”