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ParityFactory Updates: Mobile Improvement, NetSuite Integration & Quick Split


In the latest versions of ParityFactory, we’ve responded to customer requests, making Mobile Shipments more efficient and less error-prone and streamlining functionality for Quick Split.

If you’d like to try these features, contact Customer Support to update.  

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1. Additional information is now available for Mobile Shipments.

We’ve updated the mobile shipping and picking views to include more information. The destination customer or facility is shown on all loading and picking screens, and the location of the inventory to pick is visible across all products at once. This will enable shipping teams to work more efficiently and catch shipping errors before they go out the door. 

2. Quick Split is now streamlined to a single input to save time – and additional accuracy safeguards have been added. 

Quick Split allows users taking smaller quantities out of larger bins or pallets to save time by automatically removing the necessary quantity for a particular shipment. Previously, a single quick split required multiple user inputs and confirmations to complete the process. This has been streamlined to a single input, allowing users to rapidly pick single cases from full pallets or take a portion of a bin to be shipped, and saving time on the floor, especially for high-volume, small-quantity shipments, such as e-commerce. 

Since the rapidity enabled by Quick Split sometimes comes at the cost of accuracy, we’ve added an optional step to confirm the product between scans and ensure the correct product is going on the correct pallet.

3. Filter Adjustments are now enabled during export to NetSuite.

Certain transactions can now be filtered from export. This update streamlines ParityFacotry and NetSuite integrations, correcting gaps between inventory reporting without requiring manual interventions.

To see all the latest ParityFactory features and fixes, explore our release notes here.

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