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Automate Complex Grower Payments with PF Grower Tools

Instantly know what you owe Growers, including Quality Adjustments

Grower Payments icon

Grower Payments

Instantly know how much is owed to each Grower, not just today but throughout the season and changing prices. Supports different payments schedules and adjustments for different Growers.
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Grower Portal

Attract new Growers with the Integrated Grower Portal. This allows you to give logins to some Growers or all, and then only allow them to see test results your team has approved and released.
Dynamic Test Design icon

Dynamic Test Design

Every industry thinks of their goods differently. PF Grower Tools allows for custom test design by our users to support any commodity as well a unique grading or adjustment criteria.
Real Time Calculations icon

Real Time Calculations

As commodities are received and graded from the field, you have instant insight into receipt amounts, grades, and forecasted amounts owed per payment. And, if you use the Portal, so do your Growers.
Multi-Commodity Support icon

Multi-Commodity Support

Many of our customers support Growers with a variety of commodities. PF Grower Tools allows for different contracts, grading tests, and product between Growers. Each with a distinct Test.
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3rd Party Labs

PF Grower Payments supports access by 3rd Party Labs or even 3rd Party Graders, whether onsite or remote. This allows for the input or even upload of data from LIMS and other lab tools.

Attract more Growers with our Instant, Integrated Grower Portal Easily

PF Grower Payments can be used with our core WMS & Production Management tools, or it can be used stand-alone. Our toolset is priced by the number of annual tests, so whether you’re a packer, a small processor, or running a multi-facility operation, PF Grower Payments has a tier that can get you out of Excel or legacy reports and into instant, accurate payment information.

Our Grower Payments tool has the flexibility to support any contract type, for any produce, tree-nut, or other product where grading determines payment amount. Create your own custom attributes, and then leverage those attributes to determine Grower Price and calculate Quality Adjustments. Help your Growers be the first in the region to know their payments!

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