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Reliable Hardware Options and Expert Advice

Pairing our powerful platform with equally powerful equipment

Reliable, robust hardware is a crucial component of any digital tracing setup. As a licensed hardware reseller, ParityFactory offers hardware solutions to our clients at competitive prices, with the same great service that comes with our software. Most clients opt to buy their hardware direct from us, but what exactly do you get when you buy from ParityFactory?

Our Hardware Providers

As our industry and product evolves, so must our hardware options. We’re constantly updating our offerings to bring you the latest and greatest equipment and enable you to take full advantage of all the warehouse management tools in ParityFactory. Below are just a few of our hardware partners:

Interested in sourcing your hardware through ParityFactory?

Reach out to our hardware team below to ask questions, learn more about how we support our clients’ hardware needs, or place your order today.

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