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QCIFY and ParityFactory Release Integration for Nut Processors


The integration between the two food-focused software platforms streamlines and modernizes the way manufacturers in the tree nut industry conduct their quality control.


BOTHELL, WA & SAN MATEO, CA (July 7, 2020) – New in 2020, QCIFY and ParityFactory have launched a new integration between the former’s automated nut-grading system and the latter’s food-specific WMS platform.  By bridging the data gap between the two systems, the QCIFY/ParityFactory integration gives processors an easy path to greater efficiency and accuracy in their facility.

It starts at receiving with ParityFactory. Using barcoding and scanning technology, ParityFactory records the planned and actual amounts of inbound goods as well as lot numbers. ParityFactory continues to manage those inventory balances as nuts move through the facility, all the way up to shipping. As that product moves to the grading step, QCIFY’s cutting-edge QC technology  quickly and automatically measures the quality and sample weight of nuts, making that data immediately available in both systems. In addition to their grading technology integrated with ParityFactory, QCIFY offers many other tools to save time and money, including QC certificate automation.

Together, the two create and maintain a real time view of both what nut processors have in their facility and the quality of their stock, quickly, accurately, and with minimal human intervention. Nut processors who leverage both QCIFY and ParityFactory can now expect the following benefits:

  • Less human error in data, thanks to the automated quality process and absence of multiple keying between systems.
  • Greater compliance with increasing retail and regulatory quality demands.
  • Timely and accurate grading reporting.
  • An always-on view into their operation and quality of inventory, allowing for both strategic decisions and processing optimizations to be made easily.

QCIFY is a dynamic young company built on decades of industry expertise. The Qcify systems employ Silicon Valley technology to bring much-needed quality control to the global food industry. Qcify’s fully automated vision systems provide users with highly accurate digital reporting, and the revolutionary network-effect approach improves the experience for every existing customer with every new unit deployed. Product data derived from Qcify systems has many applications that can help optimize processing lines and manage inventory. For more information about QCIFY, visit their site.

ParityFactory provides warehouse management and inventory control solutions to nut processors all across the US. ParityFactory’s founders created the company over 30 years ago after seeing the need for a robust, food specific inventory management and production system. By integrating with all major ERPs, ParityFactory connects users’ physical operations to the office, increasing efficiency and enabling improved business intelligence and decision making. For more information about ParityFactory and its products reach out at 425.408.9500 or by requesting a demo today.



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