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Release Notes

Release Notes

ParityFactory Application Suite

ParityFactory release notes are specific to each version of our application suite. Click on any version from the list to the right to view the complete log of improvements.

Please note that all new features or functionality listed are not immediately available to all customers by default, and may require additional subscription costs. If you see a feature that you do not have, but are interested in adding onto your ParityFactory subscription, please reach out to your ParityFactory representative.

We currently release a new version of our application suite every three weeks. Each new release consists of features and bugfixes in our flagship warehouse inventory management application  (ParityFactory Office) and our hand-held scan-gun application (ParityFactory Mobile). Additionally we update our ParityFactory API to provide programmatic access to your application data.

Our standalone fruit and nut test grading application (PF Grading) and fisheries management software (PF CatchManager) as also included in our release notes where applicable.

All new functionality and bugfixes to our core ERP integrations (Oracle Netsuite; Intuit Quickbooks; Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Great Plains; Sage 50; Sage 100; Sage Intacct; EDI; and our native CSV Uploader tool) are listed at the end of our release notes.

Currently, every fourth release (“Major” version) is primarily a bugfix release where we focus our engineering efforts on squashing all outstanding Bugs across our application suite and ERP integrations.


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