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Maintenance Release 2024.1.2

Release Date: april 9th 2024

 ParityFactory Office Manager

 Defect Fixes

  • 647694: The Lot Adjustment details in the Pack and Ship module are now visually aligned for easier reading.
  • 650019: The Record Events, Refresh, and View Settings buttons have been removed from the Transactions detail view.

 ParityFactory Mobile/Handheld

 Defect Fixes

  • 630959: Production Runs now support the usage of GS1 barcodes with a Transaction unit of measurement (UOM) set to Unit.

Catch Manager II

 Defect Fixes

  • 645573: The Import Tickets and Reset Import Status actions no longer remain visible and executable in Edit mode for both eLandings and ETix.



 Defect Fixes

  • 645475: The Shipment Out functionality now accurately reflects the selected time zone within NetSuite, even for transactions occurring near midnight.
  • 647756: The Production Out process now successfully exports, even if the Product Cost field is empty in NetSuite. This corrects an issue where production runs failed to export correctly due to missing data.