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Feature Release 2024.2.0

Release Date: April 30th 2024

 ParityFactory Office Manager


  • 608827: Added the Ship button to the All Shipments page. This button enables shipping any type of shipment, with type-specific validations automatically executed based on each shipment’s type.
  • 608926: Users can now edit the Country and Area of Origin fields on a lot. The drop-down lists will display both the currently active options and the current country or area of origin associated with the lot. Updating either value does not alter the lot ID, even if these properties are part of the lot rule.
  • 609077: Added the ability to split individual cases labeled with a GS1 barcode from a larger tracked item with a single scan. This process will create a new case, using the weight from the GS1 barcode, and reduce the inventory of the larger item by the same amount. The newly created items will have the GS1 barcode as their tracking number, and use a new property on Shipments
    to define their tracked item type.
  • 646781: ParityFactory Office now supports issuing inventory stored in bulk locations to multiple production runs at once.
  • 652941: Now you can add, edit, and delete attachments for archived Shipments, Production, and Receipt, and their sub-types. No other fields can be edited, but you have full control over attachments.
  • 652942: Added a Lot Code column to the Receipt Event tab of the Receipt screen. This new column displays the vendor lot code from the related lot record, improving efficiency in inventory management.

 ParityFactory Mobile/Handheld


  • 608989: The automatically generated GS1 Tracking Number now has a length that is determined by the maximum number of characters or digits allowed for the Serial Number and Batch/Lot Number, as specified in the Fixed AI Length field in GS1 Format AI Master File. Setting the fixed length field to 0 results in no change to the current behavior.




  • 609001: The integration between ParityFactory and NetSuite has been enhanced to incorporate the export of best before date. The best before date information will be transferred from ParityFactory to the corresponding lot records in NetSuite. Users can now enable this feature, ensuring that the best before date in NetSuite is always up to date whenever a transaction references that lot.

Automated Warehouse


  • 649945: Improved the Automated Warehouse integration by adding the Minimum and Maximum Pallet Width settings for Inbound Order processing. These settings are now mandatory. Failure to set them will prompt an error message.

QuickBooks Online


  • 649977: Added the following capabilities to the integration with QuickBooks Online:
    • Ship-to Address on the estimate in QuickBooks Online is now imported to the Ship-to Address field in ParityFactory. When the ship-to address differs from the billing address in QuickBooks Online, or if the Ship-to address is manually added or edited, the information will be imported into the Loading Instructions field.
    • Custom field data in QuickBooks Online is now imported to the Purchase Order field on ParityFactory Shipments.
    • The Scheduled Ship Date in QuickBooks Online is mapped directly to the Scheduled Ship Date in ParityFactory.
    Additionally, these fields will be automatically updated in ParityFactory if there are any changes made in QuickBooks Online, ensuring that the Sales Order remains up to date and can still be modified as necessary-