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Maintenance Release 2024.2.1

Release Date: May 21st 2024

 ParityFactory Office Manager


  • 608831: Now, users can print multiple shipment documents without the need to reselect a record for both archived and unarchived shipments. This enhancement optimizes the printing process by eliminating the need for redundant selection steps.

 Defect Fix

  • 652040: ParityFactory native GS1 item IDs now use the lot’s Best Before Date (BBD) and Production Date instead of the current transaction date. When creating a new lot, the user-entered BBD will be used; otherwise, the Product Best Before Days will be used to calculate BBD based on the lot’s Production Date.




  • 650854: Added a new feature that incorporates NetSuite’s hierarchical structure of item codes into ParityFactory. Now, users can import items to ParityFactory solely by child item IDs, eliminating the requirement to include the parent item IDs.

Automated Warehouse


  • 649949: The Automated Warehouse API integration was updated to include extra required fields. These additions ensure successful integration for handling Inbound Pallet Orders.