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Release 149

Release Date: SEPTEMBER 14th, 2022

 ParityFactory Office Manager


  • You can now manually allocate tracked items to a Production Run to determine the pallets will be sent through rework steps
  • It is now possible to deallocate items from the “Allocations Tab”
  • You now have the ability to create a new table for production Allocations of tracked items to a Production Run
  • You can now add a new “Available for Allocation” view of tracked items to a Production Run
  • You can now configure Production Run to Allow Allocations

 Bug Fixes

  • Cycle Count Item Event view no longer refuses to account for ‘Staged’ Item Status in posting
  • Receive All on Transfer Receipts no longer validates when “ICLocationClass” is removed
  • Forward Lot Trace Report no longer returns incorrect Units/NetWeight
  • One-Click Lot Trace does not display incorrect On-Hand Balances
  • Printing labels because of duplicate filename now doesn’t cause any issues

ParityFactory Grading


  • User can now has the ability to average multiple tests of the same lot
  • You can now create a static message in Grower Statements
  • Taxes and Fees now have one more decimal place
  • You can now assign a fee based on the Total Payment amount being paid a grower per lot
  • The Single Crop Year / Test Plan filter now affects all Dashboard Graphs
  • The Tests screen now Defaults to the Test Plan Selected
  • You now Bulk Update more Test Fields
  • Grower Drop Downs now only include Growers who have their Payments Setup
  • The length of  the Lot Field on Grower Statements has been increased

 Bug Fixes

  • Grower login no longer brings an error
  • Taxes and Fees are can now calculate in Dynamic Grower Statement

 ParityFactory Material Requirements Planning (MRP)


  • Added a new view that allows to create new Planned Production Runs
  • Ability to edit existing Planned Production Runs

ParityFactory API


  • Added the possibility to return a list of products with available inventory

ParityFactory Catch Manager II

 Bug Fix

  • Two users can no longer tag the same Payment and press print to print the same Payment record twice




  • You can now assign proper severity to all error messages

 Bug Fixes

  • Work Order is now updating Facility when it is reimported after changing its location in Netsuite
  • For Issue Only Production Runs using Production Out, an adjustment has been created for every produced product instead of just once
  • Customer/Vendor In no longer crashes when importing in some cases



  • Upgraded  Sage 100 integration code for easy maintainability and  troubleshooting