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Release 165

Release Date: AUGUST 28th, 2023

 ParityFactory Office Manager


  • Backflushing actual amounts as an alternative to capturing real-time volumes is now possible.
  • Added ability to cancel transaction from Active Transactions for Lot Out 

 Bug Fix

  • Payment IDs are now included when e-mailing ACH payments.
  • Error Backtrace no longer crashes XAF when Unissue/Unproduce transactions exist.
  • Past error messages are no longer retained.
  • The capitalization issues in Database Updater have been resolved.
  • The E-Tix import error message has been made more clear
  • Rebalance Tare now rounds values to whole numbers.
  • E-Tix import buyer filter is now on DealerNum and not BuyerSeqNum XML field
  • FP 4400s report no longer duplicates rows
  • E-Tix import buyer number no longer matches on wrong XML field
  • All recipe amounts are now scaled correctly based on user input and are unaffected by users navigating away from editable fields.
  • Tare percentages below 1% are no longer rounded up.
  • The Split/Bulk button in Advanced Receipts now functions as expected

ParityFactory Mobile/Handheld


  • The number of child items being transferred by tracking number to a parent pallet can now be validated.
  • After completing a task, the color-coded confirmation now appears centered on the screen, preventing cutoff. 
  • When using BUILD for a Multi-Unit Random transaction, the fill auto now calculates based on the item setup’s fill per unit.

 Bug Fix

  • A child item added to an existing parent pallet now results in that child item being successfully packed onto the parent pallet.
  • Pallet units no longer appear as “null”.
  • Clicking the “Clear Facility” button now clears the facility filter on product lookup as expected.
  • Having the “Calculate Fill for Random Box Option” setting enabled no longer causes an error when producing.
  • Shipping label now prints a label for all items in a shipment.
  • Enabling both Receive & Pack and Receive Multiple Tracked Items no longer causes Receive to lock up.
  • Producing to existing tracking numbers can now be done.
  • Product Lookup now uses the correct facility when filtering by facility.
  • Product Lookup’s Filter by Facility now correctly filters lots that have inventory spread between two facilities.
  • The message indicating that a shipment contains an item that has “been staged but not loaded” no longer appears when all the items have, in fact, been loaded.
  • The absence of a unit of measurement for a product ship weight now correctly causes an error to be displayed in Produce.

ParityFactory API

 Bug Fix

  • The capitalization issues in Database Updater have been resolved.
  • The condition causing a “Not supported by Swagger 2.0” error message has been resolved.

Catch Manager II

 Bug Fix

  • Values on detail lines of Ticket Products are now set as part of a CMII: E-Tix import.




  • The cost of items on a purchase order can now be used as inputs when calculating final amounts.
  • The Vendor Return In code from NetSuite is now available elsewhere, including the Integration Framework.
  • Receipts can now be created when importing Receiving Orders. 
  • Vendor Return Out code to the Integration Framework has been moved
  • Receipt as Transfer Order Out code to the Integration Framework has been moved.
  • Over- and under-receiving on Transfers is now preventable through a new “Allow Updates to Transfer Orders From Parity” setting.

 Bug Fixes

  • Changing work orders prior to export no longer causes line number mismatches.
  • The absence of labor or overhead in Production Out no longer causes an error.
  • Lot numbers and product IDs are no longer subject to being mismatched when importing or exporting data.
  • Customers and vendors that have identical internal IDs no longer cause Purchase Odrer in and Sales Order in/Vendor Return In to fail
  • Adding product from a recipe on a production run no longer throws an error due to rounding the number of required units.
  • ‘Index was outside the bounds of the array’ error on Production Out has been fixed
  • Purchased orders with a mapped custom units field that is unused now import correctly for Uniform Products.


 Bug Fix

  • Insufficient Permissions no longer prevent Invoice creation and Sales Order line item updates
  • Legacy settings from Remote Connector have now been removed.