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Major Release 166

Release Date: September 27th, 2023

 ParityFactory Office Manager


  • A new “Include Transfers” parameter has been added to the “Standard Lot Trace” report.  Disabling this excludes “Transfers” from the report, which in turn enables the report to be run faster.
  • Using a new “Show Production Run Notes” setting, “Production Run” notes may now be shown in “Lot Trace” reports.
  • Using the “Column Chooser”, two new columns of information can be added to the “Production Events” tab in the detail view of “Production Run”: “Best Before Date” and “Pull by Date”.
  • Using the “Edit Selected Production Run(s)” window, data entry options for the “Best Before Date” and “Pull By Date” columns can now be configured, if these columns have been added to the “Production Events” tab in the “Production Run” detail view.
  • “Facility” lot rules and “Tracked Item Type” lot rules can now be built using “Best Before Dates” and “Pull By Dates”.

 ParityFactory Mobile/Handheld


  • The dropdown list in “Produce” for selecting a month when specifying a “Best Before Date” or “Pull By Date” now displays months in this format: 01 – Jan, 02 – Feb, etc.

Catch Manager II


  • In the “Imported Ticket Values” section of CatchManager II’s “eLandings Import Settings” window, selecting a “Tender Vessel” now also displays the corresponding “Tender Account Name”, simplifying use for individuals more familiar with accounts.




  • A new “Allow Updates to Transfer Orders From Parity” setting, when enabled, auto-updates “NetSuite Transfer Orders” with the items and quantities actually recorded as shipped in Parity Factory.



  • A new “Interval Days” filtering option has replaced the “Purchase Order Start Date” option for “PO In” and the “Sales Order In Start Date” option for “SO In”, both in QBE Integration, enabling a number of days (e.g, 90) to be specified instead.