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Release 167

Release Date: October 2nd, 2023

 ParityFactory Office Manager


  • When configuring a Bulk Issue Production Run, you can now select an OUTPUT PRODUCT with a TRACKED ITEM TYPE that is Random and set its BULK TRACKED ITEM TYPE to Bulk. You can then issue and unissue inventory to that production run, fully or partially, as needed. The purpose of this enhancement is to simplify setup by eliminating the need for an input product that is separate from an output product.
  • The XAF middleware has been upgraded to v23.1.5 for improved functionality, reliability, and performance.

 Bug Fixes

  • When running in Spanish, the workflow IDs in the left navigation menu are now correct.
  • The Archived Production Run window now, appropriately, no longer offers New, Edit, and Delete options.s

 ParityFactory Mobile/Handheld

 Bug Fix

  • The parent tracking number of a previously scanned tracking number no longer carries forward to a newly scanned tracking number when it isn’t appropriate to do so.

ParityFactory Grading


  • Licensing options have been modified to include an “Annually” option at the bottom of the window, enabling a “Max number of tests (deliveries) per calendar year” to be specified. As part of this change, the blanket “number of tests” choice has been removed.
  •  Audit log records for processors are now stored separately from those for non-processors (administrators), improving query performance and slowing the increase of records in the corresponding document.
  • A list of tables for which audit logs have been enabled now exists, simplifying the cleanup of audit log records in those tables.



 Bug Fix

  • All unused legacy settings from Remote Connector have now been removed.