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Release 168

Release Date: October 24th, 2023

ParityFactory Office Manager


  • An audit trail for the Product Master File is now implemented, enabling changes to this file to be tracked.
  • An audit log for the ICLot table has now been added.
  • A new Copy Item Type option is now available that can be used in place of the Ship Build Tracked Item Type property, in Shipments. This allows the ship build function to base its item type on the source item selected. (Note: This is the first of a two-part feature. Using it requires completion of the second part, which concerns ParityFactor Mobile and is scheduled for release 169.)
  • A picking order may now be specified on the Customer Shipment Products screen (shown below). The picking order determines the order of shipping items on ParityFactory Mobile.
  • When confirming the release of holds, users now always see a dialog that includes a count of the holds that will be released.

 ParityFactory Mobile/Handheld


  • Customer Name and Product fields have been added to the Ship page, enabling users to see these two details prior to completing a quick split.
  • Users can now filter the find product list to To Be Picked items or they can Show All items.
  • Fully loaded items listed on the find screen under Shipment are now highlighted in dark grey, making it easier to differentiate between complete and incomplete products.

 Defect Fix

  • The error that was preventing the splitting of pallets that have an Item Type Quantity Limit no longer occurs.

ParityFactory Grading


  • Test records for processors are now stored separately from those for non-processors (administrators), improving query performance and slowing the increase of records in the corresponding document.
  • Growers may now be deactivated and removed from the drop-down list of grower names.
  • The correct URL for the log file in the audit log now is now given.
  • Audit logs can now be filtered by processor and users who belong to the processor.
  • Error logs may now be downloaded to Excel.
  • A new Save button has been added to the Email Settings screen, enabling administrators to update and save email configurations.
  • The Help menu and icon are now visible only when help documentation exists for the screen the user is interacting with. Theys are hidden if no such documentation exists. 
  • The DFA reference on the Certificate of Incoming Walnut Inspection report has been removed.




  • Customers may now customize a checkbox on the Inventory Items page and have that checkbox used by ITEM IN to ignore inventory items during an import, enabling the integration to potentially by completed faster.

 Defect Fixes

  • The GetData stored procedures have now been modified, enabling active processes to complete without timing out.
  • When exporting to multiple facilities, the Pending Billing/Partially Fulfilled sales order status is now accepted as a valid status, along with the already valid statuses of Pending Fulfillment and Partially Fulfilled, permitting the successful export of line items with this status.
  • Sales orders for multi-facility shipments now allow the same product on different lines, provided the locations on the lines are unique.


 Defect Fix

  • Products that have been removed from QuickBooks Sales Orders and that are not shipped in ParityFactory no longer cause duplicate invoicing when QBE Shipment Out is run.

Grower Payments


  • A new trigger has been added, enabling Shipment Out and Multi-Shipment Out scheduling.