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Release 169

Release Date: NOVEMber 8th, 2023

ParityFactory Office Manager


    • Two new columns have been added to the Inventory tab under Cycle Counts: Lot Created Date and Product Tier. These columns can be hidden using the column chooser, if desired.
  • To enhance audit trail functionality, logging has been added to:
    • Receipt tables: 
      • BTReceipt_T
      • BTReceiptAttachment_T
      • BTReceiptItemLot_T
      • BTReceiptProduct_T
      • BTReceiptProductItem_T
    • INSetting tables: 
      • INSetting
      • INApplication
      • INApplicaitonProcess
      • INApplicationProcessTrigger
    • Production tables:
      • BTProduction_T
      • BTProductionAttachment_T
      • BTProductionIssue_T
      • BTProductionIssueItemLot_T
      • BTProductionIssueReservation
      • BTProductionProduct_T
  • Picking orders may now be systematically assigned based on Location Priority and Location ID, resulting in more efficient picking of shipments from the warehouse. This is made possible through a new Assign Picking Order action on the SHIPMENT list and detail views, which assigns a number to each shipment product on the Mobile Ship Find screen. Once this number is assigned, the new Picking Order Assigned property on SHIPMENTS is set to true.
  • BIView has been added to the PXUsageStatistic_Reporting table.
  • BIView BT2090_BTInventoryTransaction now logs each access.
  • BIView BT2050_BTProduction now logs each access.

 Defect Fix

  • The releasing of mass holds can now be completed, as expected.
  • Advanced Receipts that are created using orders now appear, as expected.

 ParityFactory Mobile/Handheld


  • Users now have the option to replace the product ID on the Ship screen with the first inventory location. This enables them to know, when picking, the initial location they should physically walk to without drilling down into deeper detail. The first inventory location is the first Priority 1 location that has inventory or, if no Priority 1 locations have inventory, the first location based on First-In, First-Out that has inventory.
  • The customer name is now shown at the top of the Ship menu’s Find page, enabling users to know which customer they are picking for.
  • The Quick Split workflow in Shipping has been streamlined in two ways. Now, after scanning the tracking number, a new tracking number is automatically generated, eliminating the prompt that previously appeared and the need for users to select Yes in that prompt to have a new tracking number generated. In addition, after selecting Print and Load, users are automatically returned to the Shipment Find screen’s Product Lookup view instead of the initial Ship screen.

ParityFactory Grading


  • Help content has now been published for key features, enabling more effective usage.

 Defect Fix

  • The Help Documentation page now displays help content, as expected.
  • The display of Help content has now been improved.
  • The Help Documentation menu group in the left Navigation panel is now consistent in appearance and behavior with other menu groups.

Catch Manager II

 Defect Fix

  • Invoices generated from an adjustment now correctly process both original values and the adjusted values.




  •  Adjustment headers are now prefixed with “PF-” when the adjustment came from ParityFactory, giving customers an easy way to see which adjustments came from ParityFactory and which came from elsewhere.

 Defect Fixes

  • Production Out now completes without error, regardless of whether or not custom labor and overhead values are tracked in ParityFactory.