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Release 170

Release Date: DECEMber 7th, 2023

 ParityFactory Office Manager


  • 632086: An action to Activate a shipment has now been added. This action enables integrations to designate that a shipment is ready to be staged.

 Defect Fixes

  • 631416: The logic on the setting for Generate Outgoing ASN has now been corrected.
  • 633069: A Product on a Production Run may now have its Unit of Measurement on ICProduct changed without causing an error.

 ParityFactory Mobile/Handheld


  • 622257: Users can now scan a UPC code during the Pick process to validate that the correct SKU is picked.




  • 608917: Users may now specify which Adjustment Reason Codes get synced to NetSuite on Inventory Out, enabling costing to automatically align with adjustments when desired.

 Defect Fix

  • 627854: Labor and overhead values are now checked during Production Out only if they are tracked in ParityFactory, enabling Production Out to complete both when labor and overhead values are tracked in ParityFactory and when they aren’t.

Automated Warehouse


  • 632081: New metadata has now been made available for Automated Warehouse Integrations, giving users the ability to configure an Automated Warehouse Integration from the user interface.
  • 632091: An Inbound Pallet transaction may now be sent to an automated warehouse when an item is moved to a specified location type.
  • 632093: When the automated warehouse integration is enabled, the integration is notified when a pallet is requested at specific locations. The notification includes the pallet location and other pallet data.



  • 636199: When unexported transactions exist, Live Receipt Out now batches them by Receipt and exports the batch as a single unit, eliminating errors that resulted from exporting multiple transactions individually.

Flat EDI


  • 631063: Files generated by Flat EDI export have had their file name format changed to support certain applications.


 Defect Fix

  • 633062: The Nav Sales Order In integration no longer fails and Sales Order now imports correctly.