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Release 171

Release Date: DECEMber 27th, 2023

 ParityFactory Office Manager


  • 608731: A Change PIN on Next Login setting is now available on the Parity Users > Manager page, giving administrators the ability to allow non-admin users to set their own password.
  • 639052: ParityFactory Version 171 may now be used with a Microsoft SQL Server 2016 database. This is the final version that is scheduled to do so.

 Defect Fixes

  • 636338: Archiving a production run now correctly returns unissued items, making those items available again.
  • 633045: When importing data for a Production Run, default current dates will now be automatically supplied if the Scheduled Start Date and Scheduled End Date fields from NetSuite are empty, enabling the import to complete

 ParityFactory Mobile/Handheld


  • 623155: When splitting a source pallet to a new pallet during the ship process, the source pallet’s Tracked Item Type can now be copied to the new pallet. This is made possible by a new Shipments property named Copy Build Item Tracked Type.
  • 608750: A pallet tag with an Item Status of Allocated may now be looked up in ParityFactory Mobile and its sales order number and customer viewed.

Catch Manager II


  • 608881: A new Add Percentage Holdback(s) action has been added to the Settlement List view. Specifying a holdback percentage with this action enables that percentage to be automatically applied to a settlement, eliminating the need to return to the holdback view and calculate the holdback percentage there.




  • 608739: The Is Used in CMII field on the Product tab of the Inventory Product page, which controls whether items may be used in CMII, is now available to be mapped during Item In integration. This allows integrations with dynamic mappings to set it from a field in the integrated system.



  • 639162: The default value for Final Invoice on an invoice is now True.



  • 608753: Sales Orders and Purchase Orders may now be imported to separate Locations, enabling customers to receive Raw Materials to a location other than that from which Finished Goods are shipped.

Automated Warehouse


  • 632095: A Picking Quantity Order transaction is now sent when a shipment is activated.
  • 632097: The Picking Quantity Order is now updated when a shipment is released and ready to load.