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Release 173

Release Date: February 6th 2024

 ParityFactory Office Manager


  • 641462: All third party libraries have been verified as up-to-date and secure. This included fixing potential vulnerabilities detected by SNYK.
  • 641684: When receiving or producing using a GS1 Barcode, the AI17 expiration date is now used as the Best Before Date.

 Defect Fixes

  • 640292:The setting for the Customer Specific EDI folder was not working as intended. Regardless of the value set, all files would be saved to the root folder. This has been corrected and EDI files are now saved to the Root Folder + the Customer Folder Setting (if a value is set).

 ParityFactory Mobile/Handheld

 Defect Fixes

  • 628448: The allocation of items now is now validated only a single time, as intended.




  • 628449: Transfer Order In now sets the unit of measurement, provided UOMs are enabled for the transaction.



  • 640073: The XML generated by FlatFile 856 now correctly uses DeliveryOptionID, as opposed to DeliveryOptionName.