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New FDA Traceability Rule: How ParityFactory Keeps You in Compliance


We at ParityFactory hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and a happy New Year! 2023 may have just started, but the food industry has the year 2026 in mind. 

The FDA has issued new traceability guidelines for food manufacturers, which must be in place by January 20, 2026. You can see their update here: “FSMA Final Rule on Requirements for Additional Traceability Records for Certain Foods.

As members of the food manufacturing community, we face the challenges posed by an ever-changing landscape in order to safely feed the world. Now, more than ever, reliable traceability is critical to offering a safe food stream. The new FDA requirements ensure that all manufacturers are following the same guidelines to deliver safe product to the market.  

As of January 20, 2026, all food manufacturers must meet the following four key features:

  1. Critical Tracking Events (CTE): Which include harvesting; cooling, packing, shipping, receiving, and transformation of food.
  2. Traceability Lot Code: A descriptor used to uniquely identify a traceability lot.
  3. Traceability Plan: Establish and maintain a traceability plan.
  4. Additional Record Requirements: Records must be made available to the FDA within 24 hours after a request is made.

ParityFactory WMS & MES meets the new FDA requirements, and our clients can rest assured knowing that their software solution is currently audit-ready. If you have new projects in 2023, and have questions if your project will be covered under the new guidelines, please give us a call!

Read the FDA’s update for yourself, and don’t hesitate to reach out to learn how we can support your operation.


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