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Want to Grow Your Medium-Sized Food Processing Operation? Embrace Automated Tracking with ParityFactory’s WMS & MES.


Small and medium-sized food and beverage operations are the heartbeat of industry innovation and growth. At ParityFactory, we often partner with medium-sized operations that have been held back by the pitfalls of manual inventory tracking: human error, difficulty with tracing and mock recalls, and overall inefficiencies that ultimately dig into profits.

ParityFactory’s WMS & MES, built specifically for food manufacturers, helps you streamline your operation and optimize your manufacturing in a way that pays for itself within months.

The Challenges of Manual Tracking

As medium-sized enterprises grow, the pen-and-paper approach to tracking inventory becomes impractical. As you expand your operations and seek out larger distribution partners, you need a more robust system capable of providing not just inventory tracking but also traceability of ingredients – a key requirement for engaging with major retailers like Walmart or Costco. 

The Excel Conundrum

Many medium-sized manufacturers turn to Excel as the next step after leaving paper and pencil tracking behind. However, relying solely on spreadsheets for inventory management and traceability limits you. For your retail clients, the ability to trace every ingredient is non-negotiable, and the simplicity of Excel falls short of meeting their rigorous standards.

Enter ParityFactory: The WMS & MES Built for Your Medium-Sized Operation

Our medium-sized food and beverage partners see ParityFactory as a game changer. (Just check out our case studies to see how we’ve supported operations like Bake Works and Rabe’s Quality Meats). Our developers understand the real-life use cases for our WMS & MES, and they’re constantly iterating to make the software meet your needs, so you can trace every ingredients from start to finish. Our digital, automated sy stem eliminates the risks of human error, providing more accurate and effective inventory management and ultimately saving you time and boosting profits. 

ParityFactory prides itself on its user-friendly interface, making it easy for teams to adapt and embrace the new system. The platform’s intuitive design minimizes the learning curve, allowing businesses to swiftly integrate the solution into their operations.

Ready to ditch the notebooks and spreadsheets and embrace an automated, error-free future? We’d love to hear from you


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