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What’s New in ParityFactory?


When our clients implement ParityFactory, they’re not just implementing a system for today’s problems; they’re implementing a system to help solve tomorrow’s as well. In an environment as complex as food and beverage manufacturing, new obstacles pop up all the time. That’s why we release a new update to our software every three weeks, to make sure our product is constantly evolving to tackle the new and unique challenges that our clients come across day-to-day. The latest versions include many new features, fixes, and customer requests, below are just a few of the highlights. Current customers can also click each heading to login to our support portal and view the full notes for the release each feature was included in.

Redesigned User Interface

ParityFactory got a facelift in our most recent versions with a brand-new UI! The new interface is designed for increased ease-of-use on both the office and mobile side. Larger, more visual icons on the mobile application are designed to make training and daily tasks quicker and easier, while a newly streamlined view on the office side makes accessing and visualizing data even easier for the office team. Check out the new look in the gallery below!

New Receipt Type

In our most recent update, we added a new Advanced Receipt Type that specifies the gross and tare weight along with the bin count by product. This makes it easy for the system to receive tracked items and distribute the weight evenly among bins, simplifying the receiving process while capturing more accurate product data.

 Drop-Down Menu Enhancements

The visibility of Menu items can now be controlled and permissioned based on the current user. Previously all users could see all options, now managers can ensure that users see only the options relevant to their tasks, streamlining the user experience and further preventing mistakes on the floor.

 Shipment Load Validations

Users can now choose to validate units on a shipment based on whether the product being loaded is random or uniform weight. This is especially useful for clients who produce and bill by random weight and prevents shipment delays due to small weight discrepancies.

Current clients can access the full release notes by visiting our Freshdesk Support Portal with your company’s login. Want to learn more about these and all the other great features in ParityFactory? Reach out to us today and we’ll show you how ParityFactory can help you modernize your operation.


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