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What’s New with ParityFactory? Some Much-Requested Updates Are Now Live!


The newest versions of ParityFactory include frequently requested enhancements that will make our WMS & MES run more seamlessly for your operation.  

You can review the notes from all our releases here. See something you’d like to use now? Reach out ParityFactory Support to upgrade!  

Below is a sample of the fixes and additions that support your work.


  • ParityFactory mobile now allows you to filter transactions in searches. For those of you with many receipts, using filters will speed up performance meaningfully. 
  • IP connected Scales can now be easily integrated with ParityFactory in addition to Serial Scales. Reach out to Customer Support to learn more! 
  • You can now transfer balances between CatchManager II accounts. Our most-requested CMII feature has arrived! In one simple pop-up step, you can now move money between CMII accounts, such as for permit loan fees.   
  • NetSuite Integration Management is now easier. There is now an interface-based way to retrace your steps in the event of an integration error. This will allow you to immediately find and resolve the issue without lengthy research.   
  • CatchManager II can now calculate your observer fee. CMII can now calculate tax based on the Round Weight value, which means we can now automate the observer fee in CMII. (Yes, accurately!) 

See all release notes> 

If these features sound like something that would make your life easier, please reach out to upgrade to the latest version of ParityFactory.  

(Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash)


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