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Which Issues Are IT Related, and Which Should Be Directed to Parity Support?


Many of our customers are hosted by ParityFactory in AWS, and many remain on premises. Regardless of your particular setup, it can often be difficult to know if a challenge should be addressed by ParityFactory or by your local, onsite IT person or firm.   

Our Support team is always happy to help regardless, but some issues are best handled by someone who can physically troubleshoot hardware or networking issues.  

Examples of IT Topics: 

  • Network-related issues
  • Hardware issues
  • Issues with software not purchased through ParityFactory 

Examples of ParityCare Topics: 

  • Process questions 
  • Report / Label issues 
  • Parity Office or Mobile error messages 
  • Integration Process Questions 

We also encourage our customers, especially in their first year or two of ParityFactory use, to schedule remote training at least once a year. This helps give new hires an opportunity to learn the system, and it also gives experienced users the chance to learn new features and other tips and tricks that will help you get more value out of our software.  

In addition, there are some ways to reduce the potential IT-related issues—the primary being utilizing cloud hosting through ParityFactory. These environments, hosted and managed by us, work. They’re consistent across customers, and our software is built to perform exceedingly well on them. Please feel free to reach out to Parity Support or your Account Manager to ask about our Cloud hosting, or check out our previous blog post on why we recommend Cloud hosting to most clients.


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