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Which of these ParityFactory Modules Can Benefit Your Food Operation?


ParityFactory has several modules in addition to our core WMS and Production system! They each address common needs for our food processing and food manufacturing customers. While no food operation is a fit for every single module, we wanted to share—all in one place—what’s available to you and the purpose of each offering. 

See something you want to try? Reach out to ParityFactory Support. 

PF Quality 

Of all the add-on modules, PF Quality is the most commonly used. PF Quality allows you to define custom Quality tests, thresholds, and pass/fails. Because it’s an integral part of ParityFactory, it uses the same system and interface, and the Quality tests are tied automatically to the right lots.  

This is a powerful tool used by the majority of our customers. 

PF Inventory Portal 

This offering is especially for our co-packing friends – and for those customers that don’t own the goods they process or manufacture. The PF Inventory Portal allows our customers to grant visibility to their own clients. Clients can log in to view their own On Hand inventory and Inventory Turn Over. 

Sandbox Environment 

While not required, many customers want a second PF environment/system in which to test new versions, processes, or integrations. We do recommend it for large operations or operations that aren’t seasonal. It’s easy to manage, helpful for training, and a good place to learn about the features we roll out. 

PF Grower Payments 

PF Grower Payments has been a big initiative in the last two years! Initially a toolset to support the calculation of Walnut Payments, today PF Grower Payments supports ALL commodities. This solution makes the most sense for those buying directly from growers and making payments based on quality or other grades.  

PF Scale Integration 

Used by many of our customers, ParityFactory has out-of-the-box IoT integrations for several scale head models. This allows us to capture weight into the system for catch weight items, or truck scale weights, and behind. As an NTEP certified system, our weights can be used for trade. 

PF MRP & Demand Planning 

ParityFactory’s newest module is MRP, with the additional expansion into more detailed Demand Planning to be completed soon. While we’ve historically had basic MRP reporting and planning, this module will allow users a full 360 degree view of their supply chain and the ability to drag and drop Work Orders, dynamically creating a production schedule for the floor. 

PF CatchManager II 

CatchManager II is a powerful tool known well across the salmon industries in Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California. Increasingly, CM II supports operations across the globe who buy their fish directly from fishermen. This toolset helps fishermen manage their boats, finances, fish and payments. It also seamlessly integrates from catch all the way to the production process in PF WMS. 


ParityFactory’s new Data Warehouse provide the foundation for our customers data warehousing needs. An easy to use star schema enables you to attach PowerBI, Tableau, Looker or any other data visualization tool to your most critical factory data. In 2023, we’ll be releasing a suite of optional stock PowerBI reports to provide insight into client operations and ease analysis.  

 See ParityFactory modules that could support your food operation? Reach out to our team! We’d be happy to show you how they work and help you upgrade.


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